Sunday, June 3, 2012

Prayer Requests

Another good reason not to have taken this site down is the opportunity to appeal directly for prayers.  Ah, where to begin?

My sister, who married last July, accompanied her new husband to a much-dreaded neurology visit on Friday and they were informed that he does indeed have Huntington's Disease, a genetic disorder which attacks brain cells and for which there is no cure.  The disease claimed the life of his mother and his grandfather and it is likely one or more of his four siblings may also have the disease.

A young mother from our Latin Mass community was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  There is some lymph node involvement so both surgery and chemotherapy are indicated.

One of my nurses, who is young and in good shape, has suddenly developed heart failure.  Her heart is functioning way below the level it needs to and she is unable to work or do much until the doctors can figure something out for her.

Finally, and this is something happy to pray and be thankful for, a certain young lady who means the world to her mother confided that she is discerning a vocation to the religious life. Specifically, she believes she's being called to Carmel.    It's early, and lots can happen, but your prayers for this and all the preceding intentions would be most appreciated.

God bless you all.