Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Attacks on the Church

In today's Inquirer was a letter to the editor from yet another Catholic-basher. Of course, he made the obligatory sex-abuse scandal reference. After I regained my composure, I responded to the misinformed author of the letter and pointed out the following:

- the sex-abuse scandal has nothing at all to do with the subject at hand and has become a cheap canard for attackers of the Church to use whenever they fail to develop a legitimate argument. The majority of priests knew nothing about and had nothing to do with this scandal and were deeply hurt by it and it is unfair to keep throwing this up in their faces.

-it is the official teaching of the Church that extra-marital sex is a sin, and that sex between a married couple should be unitive and procreative. Therefore, it would be incongruous for the church to sanction the use of artificial birth control.

-the same Church which condemns artificial birth control and abortion is the same church that is the primary provider of care to unwed mothers, AIDS victims and other social outcasts who are often rejected by their own families. The Catholic Church is also the major provider of foster care and adoption for children born out of wedlock so to call the Church hypocritical is erroneous.

I suspect the author is a former Catholic with an axe to grind, but who knows? The important thing is that such opinions do not go unchallenged. Also, out of charity, we are compelled to correct such thinking. I ended the letter politely - I refuse to stoop to the level from which the letter was written and would advise the same.

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