Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Is Your Lent Going?

Well, we're nearly a week into Lent. How's it going for you? I'm thinking I could be working a little harder. First off, I've been finding it difficult to wake up in the morning with sufficient enthusiasm for getting to Mass. I remind myself of St. Therese, in her extreme illness, exclaiming " I do not consider this (her effort) too much to win one Holy Communion". I also remind myself that it might be my last opportunity to receive the Eucharist, for reasons known only to God, so I'd better get it in gear. Last week, I entertained the idea of getting up a little earlier so I could pray the Liturgy of the Hours before getting out of bed, and instead, I've been tapping the snooze button so I can get up at the last possible minute that will still enable me to get to church in time to pray the Rosary.

A few years ago, when I lamented that I feel I never spend enough time praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament, my priest friend asked me to recount how I spend my day. When I finished, he said "Christ does not want you running yourself ragged for Him. When you can't get to Adoration because of work or family obligations, you make those obligations your prayer and you perform them giving your best effort."
This has been an especially productive week at work, with many of God's graces and blessings apparent in recent accomplishments, so it is only fitting to offer it all back to Him. It may not be the Daily Office, but the Lord, in His generosity, will look upon my efforts and find them pleasing, more pleasing than rushing through my prayers and allowing my mind to wander because I have so many practical matters pressing upon it.

Anyway, I have still have over a month to get it right, and tomorrow is another day. God willing, I'll have a chance to do better.


  1. Ah, the words of your friend are especially comforting to me. This Lent has been an especially difficult one. Everything seems to conspire against me, and when it doesn't I seem to conspire against myself (if that makes any sense). If I ever had any idea I was doing pretty well in my Christian walk, I no longer have those thoughts. Maybe God is after my pride! Well, whatever He is doing I accept it.
    I do pray however for strength to be a much more faithful child of God.

  2. What you say about pride is so true Kelly! I often have to catch myself getting puffed about one thing or another and I think you have touched upon something. But with that said, you're probably being too hard on yourself! We have to remind ourselves that we are a work in progress and so long as we do what we do with love and to the best of our ability, it will be pleasing to God. God Bless you!


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