Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sign of the Times

In today's Gospel, Jesus talks about the signs that will accompany the end of this life as we know it, with nation rising against nation and every kind of natural disaster occurring. Jesus speaks of signs in the sky, and I couldn't help but remember this Gospel later in the day when I heard the news about North and South Korea firing on each other. Here we are, ready to roll into Advent, when we commemorate His first coming and look forward to His next coming, and we have this ominous Gospel and events in the news. When the angel comes with his sickle to harvest the grapes, I do not want to wind up in the fire. God, grant me the grace to always do Your Will and set aside petty differences. Help me to avoid the trappings of this world, especially at this time of year when the birth of the Savior is an afterthought and is so easily forgotten in the rush to acquire material possessions. Help me to never take the Eucharist for granted, by being ever mindful of His Divine Presence, and by making sure that I receive Him worthily by avoiding sin and making frequent use of confession, prayer and sacrifice. And above all, grant me the grace, as St. Therese prayed also, to make You greatly loved by others who do not yet know You.

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