Friday, February 8, 2013


I saw this very interesting post on Theresa's blog. Just when I was ready to give up on myself as a complete social misfit, too.  I still think a bit of the first description Theresa offers describes me, minus the ugly behavior.  But she is so right about what charity dictates.  Do take a look if you can.

Last week I met a Maronite-Rite nun who really is a hermitess.  Sister came to a social gathering at my parish following Mass last week and I was so touched by her personal charity in engaging so many people in conversation, perhaps having to answer questions that should not have been posed to her in the first place.  Sister kind of drove Theresa's point home.  There are times when charity dictates that we venture past that place where we are most comfortable and make ourselves fully present to those around us, whether they are family or friends.

Sometimes, I wonder how Our Lord received the sick, the lame and the possessed when He reached the point of physical exhaustion or perhaps wanted to be alone so He could pray to His Father.  At least none of my relatives have ever carved a hole in my roof to lower themselves into my living room to see me.


  1. LOL! I was just signing off for the night and saw your post. Thanks for the mention : )

    That was a wonderful example you gave of the hermitess. How wonderful you got to meet her.

    Charity would also include the endless errands we do for our family (I loathe to get in the car in Philly). That came to me afterwards.

    I see posts like this cropping up more and one's prayer life deepens, and if one it called to a contemplative life (even in the world), there will be more of a desire to be with God alone...and one will feel more like a stranger to those closest to them who do not understand. And yet...we accept and embrace them even more in love as a fruit of our deepening prayer life. I am still not there : /

  2. Love the last paragraph of your comment Theresa :) My husband was just complaining (again) of the time I spend alone in prayer and I reminded him I would like nothing better than for him to join me praying in the Rosary. One of these days...

  3. Hi Joyce..I enjoyed Theresa's post too. I'm so not a party you knew that :) I'm not really a hermit though as I enjoy people very much one on one. What I gleaned from St. Therese is that we are to strive to love with such charity that others will not be able to guess who our favorites really are. She was so good at that!

    Thanks for reminding me; I have an opportunity to give it a try this weekend. BTW...has a lovely weekend yourself!

    1. Yes Patricia, except that St Therese and you "strive" and I struggle LOL. I am worse in winter than I am in summer and it takes a real effort for me to overcome myself. At work, I am forced to do so because I have to be kind and engaging with staff, patients, surgeons, etc. So there it is not so difficult as it with family and friends who desire more contact than I do. You, too, have a lovely weekend :)

  4. Well, I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this ever increasing desire of my heart.. I used to love the one on one with people, but it is a struggle now especially as I was once so involved in ministry.
    It's just a longing that keeps growing.
    The hermitess is a beautiful example of the balance possible when a charitable listening ear is required .
    Blessings, Joyce and have a beautiful Sunday +

  5. Yes Caroline, many thanks to Theresa for initiating this conversation. Our challenge is finding that balance between spending time alone with God and serving others, "others" usually meaning members of our own family. Yesterday the bride's dress was delivered and as soon as I texted her to tell her, I regretted it because I was getting ready to leave for my Saturday Noon Mass and Holy Hour. I knew she'd want me to be there when she opened the box and tried it on. On the other hand, I have very few opportunities any more during the week for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. So I went about my Saturday routine and it all worked out but I still had such guilt. Now, why on earth should spending time with the Lord, Who is already so forgotten and neglected, cause guilt? Talk about conflicted! Anyway, I think we all know what I mean.

    Caroline, you also have a beautiful Sunday. We were fortunate to have only gotten a mere dusting of snow here so thank God for that, too.


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