Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Christ's Agony in the Garden: Perfect Conformity to the Father's Will

"Jesus rises and turns His sad and suppliant glance to Heaven.  He raises His arms and prays.  My God, with what deadly pallor that face is suffused!  He prays to that Father Who seems to have turned away His glance and Who appears ready to strike Him with His sword of vengeance.  He prays with all the confidence of a Son, but He fully understands the position He holds.  He realizes that it is He alone, as a victim for the human race, Who bears the odium of having outraged the Divine Majesty.  He realizes that He alone through the sacrifice of His life can satisfy divine justice and reconcile the creature with the Creator.  He wants it, and wants is efficaciously.  But nature is crushed at the sight of His bitter Passion.  Nature revolts against the sacrifice.  But His spirit is ready for the immolation, and He continues the battle with all His strength.  He feels Himself cast down but He perseveres in the oblation of Himself.

My Jesus, how can we obtain strength from Thee, if we see Thee so weak and crushed?

Yes, I understand.  Thou hast taken all our weaknesses upon Thyself.  And to give us Thy strength Thou hast become the scape-got.  It is to teach us that we must place our trust only in Thee in the struggles of life, even when it seems as if Heaven were closed to us."

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