Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hyundai Removes Offensive and Blasphemous Ad

On Saturday, when I couldn't bear watching the Phillies get mauled by the Red Sox for another minute, I tuned in to the soccer game. I was a bit distracted and not paying attention when the sound of Latin caught my attention. I looked up just in time to watch a blasphemous ad from Hyundai. Apparently, there really is a Church of Maradona in Argentina and some people, not only in Argentina, have raised the obsession with sports to the level of idolatry. Still, the ad appeared to me to be a mockery of the Mass and I hauled off a quick email to Hyundai asking them to please remove the ad. Apparently, so did many other thousands of Catholics and on Monday, I received an email from Hyundai apologizing for the ad with the assurance that it would be removed from the airways. I quickly sent another email to thank Hyundai for recognizing the error of their ways and making things right by removing the offensive ad.

I might add that I did not see that it was necessary to drag Muslims, Jews, or any other faith into my argument against the ad, as some other people apparently felt the need to do. The lesson here is that if enough people speak up and do so in a rational manner without needlessly insulting other groups of people, it's possible to see a wrong be quickly righted.

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