Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Evening Prayer

OK, I admit it. I'm a terrible mother. I came home from work and decided I'd rather take a walk than make dinner, so I put Rebecca in charge of boiling some potatoes and then headed out for a good brisk jaunt. On the way home, I passed by St. Rita's and realized the chapel was still open at 6:30pm because there was another Mass and novena at 7:30pm. What a treat to have the chapel practically to myself for a little quiet time with Jesus. My work situation has deteriorated to the point of no return and as I wait to hear about some other possibilities, it's been difficult to have the patience to accept that God does not work by my time clock. So I asked for the grace to embrace my current situation for the time-being and offer the displeasure in reparation for sins. Anyway, it was so pleasant, that I lost track of time and we didn't eat dinner until nearly 8pm. I didn't dare tell them why I was late. My son, who has "issues", cannot understand why I would want to go Mass every day when it's not required of me. Sometimes it's funny but at others, I wonder what I have done to help my family grow in faith. I have heard Father Corapi say that one of the most important thing we can do as mothers is get ourselves to Mass every day. I only wish someone in my family would follow suit.

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  1. May Jesus Christ be Praised!

    Boiling potatoes? What a tyrannical taskmaster (taskmistress?)!! lol
    It is okay for people to wait sometimes. One of those times is when their wife or mother is spending some much needed time with God. You obviously don't do this all the time. I too sometimes struggle with balancing mass attendance, (or other church related things that take me out of the house) and being available for my family. I think I remember Father Corapi saying something about having to fulfill our vocation as a mother and not be in church so much our family is neglected.
    I am pretty sure nether you or I neglect our families.
    The son you spoke of--is this the guy who may have trouble with anything out of the routine? I understand how it would be difficult for him to grasp you wanting to do that. Believe me, most of my kids don't get that either. But still your example speaks volumes, and I am willing to guess that some day that memory of your devotion and the benefit of all the prayers on their behalf will come full circle.♥
    Plus, I am a firm believer that a little stretching is good for everyone.



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