Thursday, April 11, 2013

In Thanksgiving

When I pray to the saints, I always assure them that I will spread devotion to them by making known the favors they grant and publicly thanking them for pleading on my behalf or those for whom I pray.

I have been negligent of late in acknowledging the work of my favorite little Carmelite saint.  Praise and gratitude is due to St. Therese for her glorious intercession with the following:

-A couple who suffered through years of heartbreak with infertility recently welcomed their first child into the world, a healthy little baby boy.  For the first time ever, the couple has joined a church.  OK, so it's not Catholic, but they have to start somewhere.  Jesus will meet them where they are.

-A clean bill of health for a relative who was told to prepare accordingly for a serious diagnosis

St.Therese loved God so much that she was willing to continue to suffer for Him if it meant the salvation of souls.  She had no interest in "repose" from her trials and hence, knew God would grant her request to allow her to continue to work for the salvation of souls.

My prayer for myself and all of us who haven't reached the sanctity of the Little Flower is that we will live in the moment and welcome every cross as a gift directly from God's hand; that we will be so inflamed with love for Him that we will forego our own comfort or relief for His sake; and that we would be so in love with Jesus that our ONLY interest in Heaven is the opportunity to tell Him face to face how much we love Him.  Just like Therese.

Praise and gratitude is also due to St. Joseph for his glorious intercession with the following:
-A couple on the brink of divorce mutually agree to counseling, remain together and now expect their third child togehter

- A work situation for a dear friend has improved to the point they no longer have to seek employment elsewhere and they actually look forward to going to work each day.

My prayer for myself and all of us is that we would have the wisdom and faith of St. Joseph to readily accept all God wills to send us and trust in His providence to see us through any trial we may face.  

I had asked St. Joseph to grant me something that I will keep private at this time.  I was confident he would seek relief for me but it seemed to be taking longer than I thought it would, so I reminded him of my need by praying a triduum to him. When my favor was granted on the second day of the triduum,  I jokingly told someone that I could envision St. Joseph going to Jesus and asking: "Haven't you answered that crazy woman's prayers yet?  She's going to drive me nuts."

St. Therese once remarked that prayer was like a queen who has access to the king and knows he will grant her whatever she asks.  Praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary and other saints and even imploring Our Lord directly and having our prayers answered is not magic or good luck.  It is the fruit of faith and the confidence that God knows what is best for us. Speaking of our Blessed Mother...

My son suffered some facial trauma in the early morning hours of Palm Sunday.  One of his injuries was that his nose was broken in such a way that the bones had fragmented.  This child of mine has suffered greatly in so many ways and the injuries he sustained, though not life-threatening, were very painful.  I have to say that whenever I appeal to the Blessed Virgin mother-to-Mother, my prayers are always promptly answered.   I had prayed to her that evening for my son to keep him safe and even though something did happen, it could have been much worse.  The following is to me, nothing short of miraculous.

A few days after being discharged we had a follow-up appointment.  The doctors told me they were amazed that though his nose was indeed broken in numerous place, the bones were perfectly aligned and no surgery would be necessary.  They were at a loss to explain this but happy just the same.  

I know exactly how it happened.  Thank you, dear Mother, for your patience with me and your protection of my children so that even when some harm does come to them, it is never as bad as it could be.


  1. Joyce, with results like you are getting, I hope you can find a place in your prayers to tuck a few of my intentions. Sounds like you have the ear of Heaven! I must admit an unexpected blessing of my own, which I mostly attribute our Blessed Mother, as well as St. Michael and the holy angels. My son and his wife will be over "after church" this Sunday! They had gone to confession and Mass for Christmas, but then nothing again until Easter. I wasn't expecting to hear that they were going again so soon. I am now praying they will make some new friends in their parish and maybe get involved. They both like helping out etc. My son has been away from his faith since he was 15...that's 19 years. Sorry to hog the combox, but since you were thanking Saints....

    So happy for you, dear Joyce! May all of your prayers be answered in good time! Love you!
    PS That is so awesome about your son's amazing recovery from his injuries!

  2. Patricia, that is wonderful news. I know the heartbreak you felt when your son was away from the Church but surely the path he's on now must have you heartened, as you should be.

    Of course I will keep your intentions in my prayers. St. Therese is my go-to girl for illness and other situations that seem impossible. St. Joseph is the man when it comes to job and family issues. And as I previously noted, our Blessed Mother will always answer a mother's prayers to her.

    Love and prayers and a big hug!


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