Sunday, April 28, 2013


I don't get to visit her site that often but I have come to know her through her prolific commenting at Father Z's place.  Supertradmum is about to embark on a second try at the monastic life.   I do not know her real name or much about her circumstances but we can keep her in our prayers just the same.  You can read more about her preparation to enter the monastery here.   I will offer my next novena to St. Therese for her intention.

I admit part of me felt a tinge of envy when I read this but we all know that the grass is nearly always greener on the other side.   As for myself, I think of what Rachel said to Mary when she found out she was staying on at St. Francis to begin her novitiate.

Man, you'll make some crazy nun!

(She found something better)


  1. Joyce, This movie is one of those etched in my heart. As a young girl, I can still remember how I felt when it was revealed Rachel was staying on..At that point in the movie I remember questioning which character I'd really rather be. Turns out I still occasionally ask myself that same question
    As an oblate, we are told we are the fringe of the monk's habit...Maybe it's having the best of both worlds...sometimes. : )
    I pray Supertradmum receive every desire of her heart as she seeks the Lord in monastic life.
    Blessings always +

  2. Beautiful thoughts Caroline, thank you for sharing. Of late I have myself convinced that life in a house full of women would probably drive me crazy. All it took was a car ride to Lancaster County last week with my mother and my sister to drive that point home :) There are times when I think the questioning we still have at this point in our lives is not so much about whether we could or should have made a different choice but is instead a confrontation with the reality that whatever path we have chosen, we will always feel a hunger for Him until our everlasting retreat with Him in Heaven.
    Love and prayers,

  3. I loved that supertradmum blog. She even had quite a bit on Catherine of Siena. I do hope she gets her wish but I'll miss her blog.


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