Thursday, January 14, 2010

The History of the Chaplet of St. Michael

A few days ago, I promised to provide the history of this powerful chaplet, so here it is, courtesy of "The Prayerbook, Prayers for all Occasions". While I have seen varying versions of this chaplet (some require the Act of Contrition and/or Apostles Crred, others do not) the prayers making up the body of the chaplet are essentially the same.

"This chaplet was given to a devout servant of God, Antonia D'Astonac, in the apparition by St. Michael. To all who, should recite the nine salutations every day, before receiving Holy communion, he promised that an angel of each of the nine choirs would be assigned to accompany them to the altar. He also promised continual assistance during life, and after death, and the deliverance of their souls and their relatives' souls from the pains of Purgatory."

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