Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Do You Do When Man's Best Friend Has the Blues?

This is a silly gratuitous post about my dogs. A few years ago, my daughter brought home a little chihuahua-daschund mix puppy to join our then 5-yr-old Bichon Frise. This past May, the Bichon developed cancer of the spleen and after a brave effort, passed away in September. The little mutt is still in mourning and we didn't know what to do to help him, so we adopted a little chihuahua-pug female who was found as a stray in Kentucky and shipped to Philadelphia from a high-kill shelter. We thought she would be the salve his little heart needed to heal, but he's still missing his buddy. Yesterday, something remarkable happened. He saw the deceased dog's photo on my screensaver and leaped off my lap onto the keyboard to check it out. His little heart was beating a mile a minute and his tail wagged and I just watched in amazement. Eventually, he realized it was just a photo and sat back down. I wish I knew what the answer to his depression was but I'm hoping that the same is true for dogs as it normally is for humans - time heals all wounds.

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