Monday, March 29, 2010

Sometimes, it pays to be the Boss

The alarm clock that I've had for at least 30 years decided to die in the middle of the night. Usually, I'm already at Mass by the time the kids are getting up for school, so when I awoke to hearing my husband call them down to breakfast, I knew something was wrong. I can't remember the last time I overslept, and what an inauspicious start to Holy Week. I had to be at x-ray rounds at 8am, so no chance of making it to Mass before work, and some catastrophe always happens on a Monday to ensure I can't get there at lunchtime. So I decided, because I'm the boss, I was calling it an early day. When people ask me why I do the job I do, which is a job no one else wants and which went unfilled for six months the last time I got fed up and left, it's days like this which are the reason. It's why I put up with surgeons, some of whom I like and others I can only describe as an early Purgatory. So I can go to daily Mass. If you've never known surgeons or worked in the operating room, imagine a daycare for highly skilled, highly intelligent children who need to be told "no!" a hundred times a day, and it's still not enough. OK, so not all of them are that bad. But enough of them. Someday, perhaps, someone will come along who is better at saying "no, because I said so!" than I am, but until then, I'll stay put. I have the better end of the deal, because it's the one job where people are so happy to have me show up at all, they usually don't care what time that is.


  1. LOL_-thanks for a good laugh to lighten my day! I WISH I could go to daily mass, and truth be told I probably could--but I work til midnight a couple nights a week, and am playing catch up with just about everything the rest of the time. :/ I try to go a few times a week--it seemed like as soon as lent arrived, even that much became hard. So, I admire your faithfulness and commitment. I hope to do better in the very near future.
    ps. I worked for a few doctors (not surgeons though) and totally concur with your analysis, but I unfortunately, was not the boss.

  2. Hi Kelly, I can't get your comment to post, don't know why! I'll try to figure it out. Don't mean this to sound like I take advantage - I only "take advantage" of being able to get to Mass every day!


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