Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Joseph

Any time you are struggling to make sense of God's plan for you, think of St. Joseph and the challenges he faced. It was his enduring faith and trust in God that enabled him to see God's plan for him brought to fulfillment. How fitting that such a man would be chosen as the chaste spouse of the Mother of God, as both of them had the faith required to obey without question.

Every morning that I'm privileged to receive Holy Communion, I ask St. Joseph to pray for us. Remember that he is a most powerful intercessor. As one of the popes (forget who) pointed out, if our Lord obeyed him on earth, surely He will obey him in Heaven and answer our petitions if they be for our own good.

When I think of St. Joseph, I think of my own father, who is the sort of person commonly referred to as "the salt of the earth" - a very humble man with simple needs and interests. I know that he often looks to St. Joseph for guidance and it's a good example for me to follow.

On a more frivolous note, I am reminded that I forgot to get St. Joseph cakes for my mother. She looks forward to enjoying this special treat on his feast day every year, and even though zeppoli are availabe year-round, she wouldn't feel right eating them any time but now. And I wouldn't feel right not seeing to it that she has her special treat, so I'm off to the bakery to get some!

Happy Feast Day!

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