Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Having Friends in High Places

This past weekend, against my better judgment, the oldest progeny decided to go on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Vermont to spend the weekend at a friend's cabin. The friend's father built the cabin with his own hands when he was in his 20's and he allows his daughter to use it on occasion with well-behaved friends. My oldest is leaving for Peru in a week, another trip she's taking against my advice, and I thought it was too much to cram so many things into a short period of time, especially since she had just spent some time in the Hamptons with another friend.

I awoke Thursday night around 1 am with a very bad feeling. Disturbed to the point where I had to get up and make sure everything was ok, I checked the caller ID to see if the Vermont police had called me. When I saw that they did not, I went back to bed but still feeling not quite right. Friday morning I got the email that a deer had run into my daughter's car on the highway and had done a lot of damage. Thank God, no one except the deer had been injured. With 2 1/2 hours of traveling to go, my daughter called the police, our insurance company and AAA and had the car towed to the nearest AAA garage. A mechanic went to work to make the car driveable again (luckily, no engine or other internal damage - and let's hear it for mechanics on the job at 1 am!) and the girls got to the cabin at 5 am. Another lesson learned the hard way.

When I saw the car with my own eyes Sunday evening, I could only repeat "thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother" to myself over and over again. An instant sooner they would have hit the deer and it may have gone through the windshield. As a nurse, I've heard horror stories of what happens to drivers and passengers unfortunate enough to have a deer catapult through their windshield. An inch more and engine damage could have been done and the car totaled. As it is, the grill is gone, the front bumper is gone and the hood is dented, but my daughter and her passengers are unscathed. I only hope they are as thankful to God as I am and realize how His paternal protection saw them through what could have been a tragedy.

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