Saturday, July 10, 2010

Plenty of excuses, but no good reasons

A recent conversation with someone who doesn't practice their faith but will go to Holy Communion knowing they are not in a state of grace if they're at a wedding or funeral....

"I would only go to Communion if I were at a church were no one knows me because I think you are only making things worse with the hypocrisy."

"Let me get this straight: you'd receive Communion even though you haven't gone to confession so long as people don't know you're not in a state of grace?"


"Let me ask you this: would you ever take the Host and throw it in the gutter?"

"Of course not!"

"Well, that's what you do every time you receive Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin."


Get to confession. If you haven't been there in ages, ASK ME and I will refer you to a priest who will be happy to hear your confession and where you will not be yelled at, screamed at or thrown out of the confessional. By the same token, where do we get the notion that we're too good for a little chastisement? Our society thrives on hearing what it wants to hear, not what it needs to hear, and this is so true for many people who avoid confession but have no problem marching up to the altar to receive Jesus with clean hands and a filthy soul. C'mon people! At the heart of the reason why so many people have neglected their duties as Catholics is laziness and an over-developed self esteem. When people don't get it that they are not more important than their Creator, and the result is empty churches and more time spent in idolatry of false gods. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also! (St. Matthew, chapter 6)

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