Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Peace that Surpasseth All Understanding

Sometimes, things don't go quite the way we imagined they would. And because we're weak human beings, we don't always accept that what happens in our lives is directed by the hand of God, whose ways are far above our own and beyond the grasp of our human minds. Still, there is nothing quite like the peace that comes from knowing that you are carrying out His will, and the joy of knowing that whatever you endure in this life in His name will be rewarded a hundred-fold in eternity. I'm always amazed at how light a burden becomes when I decide not to proceed as the world would have me proceed but as one who belongs to Christ alone. Lord, give me the strength always to do Your Holy Will and to help others realize the peace that only you can give.


  1. Pressing the "like" and "totally identify" button now...:)


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