Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What if There Were no Priests?

Well, next week, we who live in the archdiocese of Philadelphia will find out, to an extent, when Cardinal Rigali pulls all of the diocesan priests to Hershey, PA for a three-day retreat. Father Kelley, pastor at St. Monica's, advised us that there will probably be no 6:30 am Mass next Tuesday and Wednesday because thus far, he's been unable to find a priest to cover that Mass. Many of the parishes run by orders like the Franciscans and Augustinians have agreed to step in where they can, but there are only so many of them to go around.

Please keep the cardinal and all our priests and bishops in your prayers that they may have a safe journey and a spiritually profitable retreat.

As an amusing aside, my youngest was describing her day at dinner and informed us that our pastor joined her class for lunch. "He wasn't wearing his black dress, Mom", she told me,"he just wore his black suit and collar". That would be a CASSOCK, Rebecca. We are fortunate to have a priest who DRESSES like a priest when he is out in public. A priest who goes about his official duties in street clothes (except when it would be dangerous for him to be in his clerics) is like a nun out of habit. Wear that cassock proudly, dear Fathers.


  1. Amen!!! (about the dre...cassocks) :) and love the picture :)

  2. Thanks Kelly! Glad to have you back :-D

  3. ps there will be 6:30 masses--a retired priest will be there :)

  4. Yes, I had the pleasure of being there this morning. Father Kelley told us yesterday morning that he found a retired priest from Baltimore. He was wonderful. Just don't know what his name was.


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