Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Interview With CINO Chris Matthews (Imaginary, of Course)

Chris:  So,  what business is it of yours if two people who really love each other want to marry?

Me: It's none of my business what two people do in the privacy of their homes but it is my business when society decides to sell what is essentially a disordered lifestyle as something normal.  This is compounded by the fact that schools will be compelled to teach that this is something morally acceptable when in fact, it is not   in the eyes of God.  I don't want my children exposed to this kind of thinking.

Chris:  So you think the divorce rate and people shacking up together is something morally acceptable in the eyes of God?

Me: I do not, and I freely acknowledge that the laxity on these issues has opened the barn door for the horse to get out.  So (Chris interrupts)

Chris:  So you admit these things are, at least in your eyes, morally unacceptable, but I don't hear you protesting them in front of the Supreme Court.

Me:  Your argument is analogous to saying that because we didn't do anything about guns after Columbine we shouldn't do anything about them after Sandy Hook.  To use my previous euphemism, just because the horse has left the barn doesn't mean we can't lock it to prevent the rest of the herd from following.  Two wrongs don't make a right.

Chris: Who are you to say that two people of the same-sex loving each other is wrong?

Me:  My basis for whether ANYTHING is right or wrong is grounded in Jesus Christ, not that which society decides is OK.  Society has very little problem with fornication, adultery and pornography, too.

Chris:  So you're comparing two people of the same-sex who love each other to pornographers?

Me:  I've known some pornographers in my life who on the surface seemed like pretty nice people.  For all intents and purposes, they were,  but their wares do nothing to make someone a better person  or help anyone on their journey to eternity.

Chris:  I see, this is all about you shoving your religion down other people's throats.

Me: No, this is about you trying to shove your immorality down my children's throats and then decrying my right to protect them as hate speech and bias.   This is about people like you selling poison and disguising it as nectar.

Chris: What about the children of gay and lesbian couples?  Don't they have a say in this?

Me:  I'm glad you brought that up.   If you are brought up in a household which only associates with other households that are like yours, you might be inclined to believe the rest of the world lives as you do.  Children who grow up with alcoholics but only ever see children of other alcoholics could conclude that it's normal for parents to drink excessively, with all the problems inherent in that.   But let me ask you a question:  How many of those gay and lesbian parents are both biologically the parents of those kids?

Chris:  That's a ridiculous question that you know the answer to. So what you're saying is that the ability to have children is the only reason people should be permitted to marry?

Me:  While it is is the foundation of marriage according to my faith, no it is not the only reason.  But the manner in which gay and lesbians obtain children is itself a good indication of the disordered nature of their relationship, and this brings me back to other anomalies in society among heterosexual people that are treated like something normal.  Manufacturing children in test tubes, and surrogate parenthood because of the infertility of one member of a married couple is also disordered and against the natural law predestined by God.  That we have embryos sitting in deep freeze in laboratories isn't bad enough, now we have them manufactured so people for whom it is biologically IMPOSSIBLE to have children can insist that their relationship with one another is normal and then bringing children into the world through non-conventional means is their right.   Some couples are infertile because one or both members have a broken system, if you will, for which reproduction is difficult to impossible.  With two members of the same-sex, reproduction is ALWAYS going to be impossible, and that physical impossibility is the basis for why same-sex marriage is impossible.  With heterosexuals the possibility at least exists.

Chris:  I'm sitting here listening to this come out of your mouth and I have to tell you it's frightening to me that there are people like you in the world.

Me:  I'm sitting here listening to you and I have to tell you I find it astounding that you call yourself Catholic yet know so shockingly little about your own faith.

Chris:  Do you think you can speak for God on this issue?  Do you really think so long as two people love each other and are productive members of society, that God condemns them?

Me: It is not for me to say who is and who isn't condemned.  It is for me to make my relationship with God the most important relationship I have.  My faith tells me it would be most displeasing to Him if I decided to take up with my neighbor because he is more attractive than my husband.  My faith tells me  it would be most displeasing to Him  if I engaged in self-gratification whenever the urge struck.  My faith tells me it would be most displeasing to Him if I married over and over again.  My faith tells me it would be most displeasing to Him if I made anything or anyone more important than Him in my life.  And I'm not going to apologize to you or anyone else for that, because I'm sick of the way people like you have twisted every moral issue in our society to your own benefit while completely disregarding God.  People like you, who incidentally call themselves Catholic, have sold society on the notion that killing your own offspring is normal.   Now you want to persuade us that two people of the same-sex fornicating, if you can call it that, is normal and that I'm a hateful person because I see it as disordered.  Let me ask you a question.  If someone in your family was drinking themselves to death, would you intervene, or would you say: "It's none of my business, his drinking isn't hurting me any?"

Chris:  Wow, now you're comparing being a drunk to gays and lesbians wanting to marry.  All I can say is how shocked I am.

Me:  I asked you a question, would you intervene if someone you know, whose life has no bearing on yours, was doing something to destroy himself?   If your neighbor decided to jump off a building, and you could possibly talk him out of it, would you say: "Oh, well, it's his business if he wants to kill himself, his death isn't going to affect me" or would you at least make an effort?

Chris:  What could someone physically destroying themselves possibly  have to do with gay marriage?

Me:  Same-sex sexual relationships are as destructive to the soul, and sometimes even the body, as drinking one's self to death or hurling one's self off a building.  You know, once again, I go back to the fact that you often brag on this show that you are a Catholic.  If you belong to the Church, you belong to the Mystical Body of Christ, and what hurts one of us hurts all of us.  My prayer for you Chris is that you realize this and get off this collision course you're on with imperiling your soul and others who listen to you.

Chris:  You're a hateful dangerous person and I don't know how you live with yourself.

Me:  No, I am someone who knows that love is a choice, not a feeling, and sometimes love is tough, like having to watch a child receive a painful injection to protect them against a disease, or cutting a child off financially because they're spending their money on drugs.  I'll stick with my definition of love and marriage and pray  for your conversion.


  1. You know this guy pretty well! However, I think he may not give you as much opportunity to finish a sentence. Especially when you have a great answer for all of his blustery name calling and faux outrage.

    Wonderful post.

  2. Great interview. He needs to hear these things so I tweeted it to him!

  3. Oh, my, I will be waiting for my phone to ring with a personal invitation to appear on Hardball - NOT! They never invite people who know what they're talking about to be their guests. I heard Don Lemon on CNN was pretty obnoxious yesterday to one of his guests as well. What can we do except keep speaking the truth?

  4. Joyce, I can't watch "Hardball," because I will either have a stroke of go insane. I didn't know Chris Matthews claims to be Catholic...that makes it even worse.

    But, if they book you, I will definitely be tuning in! I really think you could take him on :) Hope Allison wasn't joking about tweeting him. Let us know if you get a call from MSNBC. You go girl! :)

    PS Great and funny post!

    1. Thanks Patricia but I have to tell you I am so fed up with people on Facebook adopting the marriage equality symbol as their profile picture, and I'm talking about those who call themselves Catholic. It's just shocking that the week we commemorate the Passion of Christ He is being denied all over again, repeatedly. I'm just sickened by it but I'm not giving in to the societal pressure to say this is OK. One thing I would have added to my imaginary argument with Chris - when you fill out any kind of demographic information, the only choices are male and female. Where did this LGBT stuff come from? And how long before LBGT is added to gender choices? And how much longer is God going to put up with this?

    2. Ooops, clicked off too soon - please have a blessed and spiritually profitable Easter Triduum! Love and prayers, Joyce

    3. Joyce, FB is the one thing I did manage to give up for Lent, so I've been spared the revulsion of the equal signs, but have read about them elsewhere. This afternoon, I was reading a priest's blog, and couldn't believe all the comments from "Catholics" saying how "tolerant" Our Lord was, and insisting that He would want everyone to be treated "equally." It's enough to make your head explode. I do not feel optimistic about DOMA being upheld, and like you, I wonder how much more God will put up with. You have a most holy Easter Triduum too. Hope you get to visit many churches tomorrow night. Blessings always, dear Joyce....and thanks for the chuckles today xoxo

    4. She wasn't == I saw her tweet! yay!

  5. My goodness Joyce, that really sounded like Chris Matthews! I loved it and you had me laughing with this, "(Chris interrupts)." Hahaha, just like him and you could have probably sprinkled in a few more. Like Patricia, there is no way I could watch Hardball or anything else for that matter on that station.

  6. Joyce, you're going to need an agent after this : )
    It's your gift to be able to say things clearly, intelligently and with passion.

    I can't watch Chris Matthews for exactly what Patricia said ..
    Love and Blessings +

  7. Manny and Caroline,
    Thank you both for your rave reviews :) The truth is my husband hasn't reached the point of the journey yet where I stand, so he often watches Hardball, accompanied by my running commentary of everything that is wrong with what is said and portrayed. I do turn it off at times or leave the room, but the most part, when I do listen, I can offer correction. All part of MARRYING your cross :)
    Blessed and peaceful Good Friday to you Manny and Caroline, I will remember your intentions all day today as I know you will remember mine.
    Love and prayers,


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