Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What If?

In some more conservative circles there is genuine concern that Cardinal Sean O'Malley or Cardinal Timothy Dolan  really might be elected Pope.  I have shamelessly voiced my opinion that I would love to see Cardinal Raymond Burke elected, but if that doesn't happen, who am I to complain or criticize?  Electing a Pope isn't like electing a president or picking the winning contestant in a beauty pageant, so believe me when I tell you that I should slap my own wrist for even thinking about who I'd like to see succeed Papa Ratzinger.  Still, if we accept all that our faith teaches, we accept the decision of the Conclave of Cardinals and believe that it was directed by the workings of the Holy Spirit. Don't we?

So, what if a cardinal who has been the on the receiving end of a constant wave of criticism is elected?  Does the criticism come to an end?  Do we presume to know better than the Holy Spirit?  Or do we pick and choose which Popes we think were elected by the work of the Spirit and those elected, God forbid, by an infiltration of the Enemy?

Part of me would like to see a Pope who talks softly and carries a big stick, someone who won't mince words and will drive the heretics from the Church the way Christ drove the mercenaries from the Temple.  The other part of me thinks there are an awful lot of souls that need saving, and yielding a whip might not be the answer to leading a greater number of them to salvation. 

It seems to me that perhaps the greatest injustice we can commit is to give up on souls who appear to have wandered off the narrow path.  Would the world come to an end if either of the men I mentioned above are elected to be the Vicar of Christ?  

It will end one day.  How many souls will be grasped from the jaws of Hell before it does?

I don't have an answer, I'm just thinking out loud and would enjoy hearing your thoughts as well.


  1. "The other part of me thinks there are an awful lot of souls that need saving, and yielding a whip might not be the answer to leading a greater number of them to salvation."

    You nicely identify the two ends of the issue. The answer is a balance, I think. Firmness in the positions of the Magisterium but sweetness in leading to salvation those that will listen. I know I needed the sweetness to lead me back. Actually now that I think about it more fully, I needed a good kick in the pants too...LOL

  2. I'm under Dolan here in New York and I can assure you he's very conservative. I'm not sure where you got that he's not. Dolan might have made a good pick for his infectous personality which I think could have engaged young people more. My personal pick would have been the man from Canada, Oullette. Not sure if I spelled his name correctly. But from what I've read so far, the man who was selected is a very good pick.

    1. Manny, I didn't say he wasn't conservative. I am repeating what I have heard others say about him who were fretting about his possible but improbable election. I think it's an encouraging sign that neither of the extreme wings of the faith are thrilled about his selection. I am very optimistic about his papacy. Thanks for stopping by (and you are STILL landing in the spam filter, still don't know why!)

    2. Now that I've seen those ultra traditionalists comments, I can see why they don't consider Dolan conservative enough. I'm not sure they would consider Christ conservative

      Thank you for fishing my comments out of your spam. I just don't know what to do about it.


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