Saturday, May 10, 2014

All Hell Breaking Loose

The minions of satan seem to be more brazen than ever. I told you about the despicable sight I saw while driving to work a few weeks back. I see more and more "New Age" spirituality displayed than ever before. Now the foremost Ivy League university in America will permit a Black mass to take place in the name of academic freedom.

At 8pm on Monday you are urged to pray and make reparation for the sacrilege that is scheduled to take place.  If you have a perpetual Adoration chapel you can get to at that time, do so and make a Holy Hour.  

My last Catholic bumper magnet got lost in the car wash. It has been replaced by one featuring St Michael.  If the devil worshipers want to get in our faces, let's return the favor. Remember that one of the many titles of St Joseph is terror of demons.  Perhaps invoking his assistance in quelling this hellacious uprising will be most efficacious.

Remember that only this week a young woman released a video of herself about to undergo an abortion as if such an atrocity was a cause for celebration. Abomination is the new normal in America and it is now advancing with alarming speed.  The Harvard mess is just one that we know about.  There are others but worse than this is the defilement of the human body as the Temple of The Lord with every sin imaginable.

Last week I was leaving church and encountered a man I have seen at Mass and Adoration on a few occasions.  He said he had seen me before and was hoping to meet me so he could share some things with me.  Our Lady of Akita was mentioned as well as some other apparitions.  He believes some chastisement is coming soon and he promised to pray for me and my family. I had been suffering with a headache so bad that day I came close to passing out.  After speaking to this man, the headache left me, although it returned the following day.  A few months before hurricane Sandy I met a man outside the Adoration chapel down the street from me.  He handed me a note. It said punishment was coming to the East Coast because of the abortion rate in New York.  Now I know even a stopped clock is right twice a day so while I take such warnings with precaution I never dismiss them outright.

I am grateful for my own conversion. But like Our Lady, I am saddened at the prospect of so many souls lost.  Do whatever you can.  Our friend Kelly recommends a day a week of fasting, prayer and sacrifice to uphold our children, an idea well worth imitating. Pray for those children who have no one else to pray for them including those who will be permitted to mock the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  

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