Thursday, May 1, 2014

Please Don't Re-Post Filth on a Catholic Blog

It sickens me when faithful Catholics post obscene and lurid photos or quotations on their blogs in the name of calling out a blasphemer or worse.  In my humble opinion, this is wrong and could have the effect of leading others into sin. Besides, why would you want this kind of poison rolling around in your own head let alone anyone else's?  You might have no other intention than to clearly demonstrate how deranged and craven a person might be but why is that necessary?  Porn and filth is just that.  Be careful what images or descriptions you post. And if others blaspheme or attempt to defile the image of Our Lord and His Holy Mother, do not do their dirty work for them by posting their poison on your Catholic blog in the name of expressing outrage. I would not even post a link to such filth.  And I would seriously consider going to confession if I did.

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