Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Love Prevails

The last- minute cancellation of the black mass was a triumph of Divine Love over diabolical hate.  I got to the perpetual adoration chapel by the skin of my teeth last night and was joined about 30 minutes later by two gentlemen. While I was there alone I did my utmost to make it an hour of adoration for One Who is so often neglected.  I did my best to blot out any thought of the heinous acts scheduled to take place.  It wasn't until I arrived home that I learned the mockery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass did not take place. As happy as I was to learn this, I also knew that this was a sacrilege we knew about.  How many more take place that are not public knowledge?

One way to make this kind of thing more difficult is to BAN once and for all the reception of Holy Communion in the hand.  The methods used to desecrate a Sacred Host are the works of sub-humans. Not even an un-housebroken dog would resort to such depravity.  It occurred to me today that satanists are not going to attend Mass wearing pentagrams and other symbols of evil. They are not going to reveal their true nature lest someone stop them from their intended mission. They are going to attempt to fit in by acting the picture of piety, save for one thing: how they receive Our Lord.  No more EM's and Holy Communion on the tongue only or not at all.  Enough is enough.

Last night when I was tempted to think of all the evil swirling about the world, I remembered that where the Body and Blood of Christ are, so are His holy angels.  Go to adoration and you never know which members of the celestial court are going to show up and keep you company.

I have seen well- meaning people on Catholic sites address the devil directly while denouncing him. NEVER do this. Invoke Jesus, Mary and Joseph and of course St Michael but do not ever address the liar of all liars directly.  And please give serious thought to praying the Chaplet of St Michael daily.

One more thing - I have had my differences with Carol McKinley and will likely disagree with her again, but her commentary on this was spot-on, particularly her observation about children who grow up without the protection of the sacraments.  Like the dope driving the pentagram-mobile looking for attention a few weeks back, these starved souls need our prayers.

Remember that the second secret of Fatima was the vision of hell Our Lady showed the children. It's a fate I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and I will do everything in my power through the grace of God to keep it from happening to anyone.

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