Monday, October 26, 2009

All God's Children

Today I came home from work early to look after my son, who is laid up in bed with what is probably the Swine flu. I was having some soup for lunch when I read about the little girl who died last week at the hands of her abusive parents. Her father killed himself in prison yesterday and her stepmother, who is also alleged to have participated in this child's abuse, is in a women's correctional facility. Despite the best effort by school nurses to protect little Charleeni Ferreira, authorties failed to detect any credibility to the abuse allegations and as a result, failed miserably in their duties to protect this child. Charleeni died of infection as the result of a collapsed lung and was found to have a fractured hip and a head injury that was masked by a hair weave. A 10-year-old child walking around on a FRACTURED HIP! It just defies belief that one human being could treat another, especially a child, in this way. There are also allegations of sexual abuse.

Today, a friend posted something on her Facebook page about the horrors of birds who died as a result of ingesting plastic. Everyday on Facebook it's commonplace to read pleas to adopt dogs and cats who face euthanasia if they do not soon find a home. There are heart-tugging photos of dogs that have been beaten and scarred for life by cruel owners. It is wonderful that people care enough to give them a home, but it's still a very sad commentary on our society that there is more effort made to defend animals than there is our own children, whether those children are in-utero or already born. Is it any wonder people will do what they do to animals when they can do what they do to human beings and get away with it?

I thought the city had seen the end of its horrific failure to protect children when the case of Danieal Kelly came to light. If the city pursued child abuse in the same way it does parking violations, it would be some safe haven for children. Instead, children, who through no fault of their own, are born into less-than-ideal situations, are at the mercy of less-than-fit parents and an inept agency that has run out of excuses and justificaiton for existence. I cannot imagine the outrage of those school nurses who KNEW something was wrong and had their pleas disregarded.

Last week, another tragedy gripped the country, that of the little Florida girl who had a falling out with her older sister on the way home from school and made the fatal mistake of walking ahead, never to be seen alive again. I can't imagine the guilt the older sister must feel. I can only hope her mother wrapped her arms around her and told her how much she loved her. I pray this poor child understands that it is not her fault the world is crawling with evil that preys upon innocent life. Hearing that little Somers' body was dumped in a landfill filled us with revulsion and rightfully so. Where is the same revulsion for the 50,000,000 little bodies discarded as nobodies like some infectious medical waste? Shame on us.

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