Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, Our Little Heaven on Earth Day

In her autobiography, The Story of A Soul, St. Therese recalled how much she loved Sundays during her childhood. She called them her "little heavens" and on this day she especially made an effort to adore God. At the end of the day, when her dear Marie and Pauline were getting her ready for bed, she would ask "Are the little angels flying all around me"? as she believed they would if she had spent the day in a manner pleasing to God.

For too many people, Sunday is just another day. How filled the Church is when attendance is mandatory for First Holy Communion or Confirmation, and how quickly the pews thin out once those sacraments have been dispensed. There is time for sports, time to shop, time for just about everything but God. Some folks traipse in late and are the first to barge down the aisle before Father. Sad. In His revelations to Saint Faustina, Our Lord lamented that it was these lukewarm souls that pained Him most. Others feel they are doing God a favor if they show up on Christmas and Easter, and still others make all kinds of excuses about why God doesn't care. Well, He does. Isn't that heartbreaking that a God Who loves us so much is so little loved in return?

My prayer is that those who are away, as I once was, will realize God's love for them and return to Him with all their hearts. Then they, like St. Therese, can experience the joy of heaven on earth.

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