Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advent: Think Everyday of Jesus*

*Composed by St. Teresa of the Andes, Carmelite Nun

Prepare Yourself for the Birth of Jesus

Think everyday of Jesus, who, though the eternal God, was born as a fragile Child. Though all-powerful, He was born poor with nowhere to go from the cold. He needed His mother to live, though He was life itself. Here is a list of things you can do to prepare a crib for Jesus:

Little Shirts to Keep Him Warm:
Five acts of love a day and longings to receive Him in Communion. "My Jesus, come to my poor heart which wants to beat only for You."

Little Blankets to Cover His Tiny Feet
Since He cannot walk, you will go and do acts of charity to all, sacrificing yourself and setting aside your own comfort.

Swaddling bands to wrap around Him:
Never grumble when you are told to do something you do not like. Just do as you are told.

Little Cap:
Study and do everything for Jesus, thinking of His love.

Do not sleep late in bed. Go to Mass and Communion

Pieces of Straw:
Do some little act. Like giving up candy or eating something you don't like. Do it all for the love of Jesus

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