Thursday, December 17, 2009

Waiting With Our Lady: Trust in God's Plan

It is rare to go to confession and not have the priest advise that I should look to Mary as an example of how to try to live my life. The first we know of Mary in the Bible is when she is greeted by the Angel Gabriel. What a beautiful Gospel passage it is, to think of God sending His angel to see a betrothed virgin of only about 15 years old. There is no shortage of exquisite artwork depicting the image of a terrified young girl in the presence of a heavenly being. It's difficult sometimes not to put ourselves in Mary's position and imagine how we might have reacted.

To me, the most amazing thing is that Mary had complete and total trust in God. Despite her virginal fear, she didn't ask Gabriel a million questions - no what ifs or yeah buts - just the simple yes that changed the world. No other singular consent has ever impacted the human race as her fiat has. Though Mary speaks few words in the Gospels, what is abundantly clear is that she never questioned God's will. She was the perfect instrument of His Divine Plan.

Later, when, the adult Jesus begins His public ministry, the inherent trust she had in God is evident at the Wedding Feast at Cana when she brings the embarrassment of the wedding hosts to her Son. When Jesus admonished her that His hour had not yet come, she didn't question Him and berate Him by asking "What in the world are you waiting for? Do something already". Her perfect trust in God assured her that Jesus would be of help. It was St. Therese who noted that "for those with faith the size of a mustard seed, He moves mountains. But for those with much faith, He makes them wait, like His mother at the Wedding Feast."

In my efforts to keep the Grand Silence in my own way, I look to Mary as a perfect example of one who questioned nothing and accepted all that she was privileged to receive from God. Every one of us can carry the Christ Child in our hearts and present Him to a broken world by imitating His mother in her total acceptance of and obedience to God's will.

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