Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Series on Mother Teresa pt. 2

Mother Teresa on the poor and the providence and tenderness of God.

"We cook for nine thousand people every day. One day one sister came and said 'Mother, we have nothing to eat, nothing to give the people.' I had no answer. By 9am that morning a truck full of bread came to our house. The government gives a slice of bread and milk to poor children. That day - no one in the city knew why - but suddenly all the schools were closed. And all the bread came to Mother Teresa. See, God closed the schools. He would not let our people go without food. And this was the first time, I think, in their lives that they had such good bread and so much. This way you can see the tenderness of God."

"One day in Calcutta a man came with a prescription and said, 'My only child is dying and this medicine can be brought only from outside of India.' Just at that time, while we were still talking, a man came with a basket of medicine. Right on top of that basket, there was this medicine. If it had been inside, I would not have seen it. If he had come before, or if he had come afterward, I would not have seen it. But just at that time, out of the millions of children in the world, God in His tenderness was concerned with this little child of the slums of Calcutta to send, just at that time, that amount of medicine to save that child. I praise the tenderness and the love of God, because every little one, in a poor family or in a rich family, is a child of God, created by the Creator of all things."

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