Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Series on Mother Teresa Pt. 4

Mother was a dimunitive figure, but only in terms of appearance. She dared go where few others would and had no fear about saying what needed to be said, an example being her speech upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here is an amusing excerpt about the time she tried to catch a taxi to one of her foundations in the South Bronx:

"We have a contemplative house in the South Bronx. A taxi driver refused to take me there. The Sisters did not know I was coming, so I had to take a taxi - but he refused to go there. I said, 'But we are living there. Our young sisters are living there.' He said no. 'All right, I will sit near you and you will see that nothing will happen to either you or me.' So I got in the taxi and we went. His mouth when he saw the young Sisters jumping and laughing and the people bowing, those who recognized me speaking to me (they were drunk), taking off their hats and so on. He couldn't get over it, seeing that presence. This is something very beautiful."

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