Saturday, September 25, 2010

And now for something really weird

If you've been over to the outstanding blog, Clerical Reform lately, you've seen the outstanding series Father S. has been running on Spiritual Phenomena. Sometimes I think we have two extremes when it comes to this topic. We have the skeptics that deny there is a devil and then we have those who get carried away and assign demonic possession to any quirky behavior or event. Suffice it to say, I take this stuff seriously, but I'm not given to exaggerations or letting an imagination run wild.

Anyway, I took Rebecca for her tennis lesson today and because the Drive was jammed with crew teams and other athletes, I decided not to go for a walk but to pay Jesus a visit at the Convent of Divine Love. I learned that if I sit up front, I'm less likely to be distracted by a man who likes to pray out loud. Not long after I sat down, someone came in and sat nearly directly behind me. At first I thought it was sweet, if not distracting, that they seemed to be praying out loud for God to bless everyone they knew. But then I started to hear something disturbing. The person would mention someone's name, and then say "that b - - - -" and go on to ask God to bless that person. If I had heard this in any other setting, I might have found it somewhat amusing. When the person completed the litany, they let out a few growling noises, and then left. Honestly, I don't know what to make of it.

Some people really are crazy and there is nothing nefarious about their behavior. I'm not sure where to put this individual's behavior but it was certainly one of the stranger things I've come across.

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  1. It sounds like somebody we "know" from a prolife mass we attend. The person I am referring to, I can almost be positive to have Turrets. (sp?) At the last mass we encountered him, he kept saying, "shut up you *something, something*..." and other disturbing things. But he a regular and faithful prolife mass attender! If it wasn't the same person, I would be willing to bank on the same sort of syndrome. :)
    I haven't been to see the Pink Sisters in a while! I do like to get there.


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