Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dare to Complain After Seeing This

A few days ago, Father Z posted this on his blog. The image of this child has haunted me ever since. I decided I'm printing this photo, taking it to work and hanging it on my office door with the following message:

If you are here to complain about something, please look at this child and ask yourself if your problem compares to hers. If it does, enter. If it does not, go count your blessings.

All day long, I listen to the most inane whining and moaning.

"My next patient isn't here yet"

"My lunch relief didn't show up yet"

"It took too long for the staff to turn over my room"

Then you see a photo like this, and you want to slap them all silly for daring to complain about having what is, in reality, more than they deserve. God have mercy on us.

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