Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When Life Deals You Carrots....???

Carrots have always had a place in our refrigerator. My husband and my oldest daughter love to snack on them, and years ago, when Caitlin was still riding horses, we should have rented an acre somewhere just to grow enough carrots to satisfy every craving for this favorite equine treat. Somehow this week, I have found myself with more organic carrots than I knew what to do with. Another carrot/potato/beet casserole and they're going to revolt. What to do with the bunches and bunches of organic carrots we have amassed?

For one thing, I made turkey soup with the leftover carcass from last night. The soup had a beautiful golden color thanks to the dozen carrots ground up in the soup. But I still had a couple pounds staring at me on the counter-top. "What's to become of us?" they asked.

Carrot halwa, that's what, a delicious, somewhat healthy Indian dessert that is a staple at weddings and other special celebrations. I was in the middle of doing some school work when the urge to concoct something hit me, so I didn't bother digging out my cookbook. I chose to work from memory and according to taste. I shredded the carrots in the KitchenAid chopper, added them to some melting butter in the saucepan, stirred them about until the butter dissipated, and then added some skim milk and a little bit of turbinado (raw cane sugar). I brought the mixture to the boil, let it thicken and become a nice golden color, and then set it aside for dessert. Ideally the carrots should be grated, but who had time for that today? My carrots were chopped to a fine consistency. Think Cream of Wheat with plenty of milk and sugar absorbed and you have an idea how it came out. Some chefs suggest "sandwiching" some fine vanilla ice-cream between two servings of halwa. That would have been a little too caloric.


  1. This suggestion is probably far too late :) but if you happen to have a juicer, fresh carrot juice is a far, far cry from the stuff off the supermarket shelf! And I know a person who stands by his claim that drinking the equivalent of a pound of juiced carrots a day helped him beat throat cancer. It is awfully healthy. Throw in one of those beets and you have one fine morning cocktail.

  2. Well, I hate to break it to you friend, but I don't like carrot juice, so it wouldn't matter where it came from. Maybe I should whip some up as a penance, tho, so thanks for the suggestion :-D Every time I get a load of vegetables that I don't know what to do with, someone suggests making a veggie smoothie with them. Haven't ventured to try it yet but stay tuned....

  3. Ah, well, I guess I can live with it. Even if I just gave you a good idea for a penance. lol

    You really should, (if you haven't already) try a butternut squash soup. It is universally loved in my family, and super easy to prepare. If you need a good recipe, let me know.

    blessings and peace!


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