Tuesday, September 21, 2010

St. Matthew

It's funny how God works in our lives sometimes. At Noon Mass, two people who I have been known to let annoy me were working overtime, chatting out loud in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament, playing with their cell phones and debating which one of them would do the readings. It struck me that neither of them are playing with a full deck and when it comes to charity, I am seriously lacking in this virtue. I tuned them out and tried to pray. Just before Mass began, she leaned over to him and told him he could do the reading. You would have thought she gave him a million dollars by his reaction. The more I observed, the less worthy I felt to be receiving Holy Communion. Who knows where these two were on the road to salvation and how far they've come? Certainly not me. I have no ability to look into someone's heart and see what God does, so why do I persist in trying?

Father gave an outstanding sermon on St. Matthew, the tax collector turned disciple/evangelist. "Consider," Father began, "that Matthew was already questioning what he did for a living when Jesus called him to follow him. And consider that Jesus knew this, and it was one of the reasons He chose Matthew." This sermon was rather timely as I am struggling with my own occupation and wondering why I do what I do. We help patients regain their mobility, but it's hard sometimes to see the good in what we do when there is so much other negativity and greed around us. I go home more and more with less and less of me to give my family. I don't believe this is God's plan for me.

Last Friday, I got a call out of the blue about a possible job opportunity. It would be a piece of cake compared to what I do now. I felt like someone literally dropped a "good measure" down from Heaven, into my lap. Please keep me in your prayers that if this situation would be more pleasing to God and in accordance with His will, that He will allow this to happen.

And FYI, I wondered if maybe St. Matthew annoyed those around him like the couple I mentioned at Mass today. God chooses the weak things for His greatest accomplishments that "no flesh may glory in His sight." The sooner that sinks in, the holier I can be.

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