Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now More Than Ever

It seems that the world has spun completely out of control. I sat down with a snack after work today and opened the paper, only to be sickened by what I read. A college student takes his life by leaping off a bridge because a roommate covertly taped him in a sex act with another man and then posted the video on the internet. A Villanova student is dead and his companion in critical condition after their Jetta was plowed into by a stolen Range Rover traveling at over 100 mph on a suburban road. An abortion doctor who maimed an 18-year-old woman when he dilated her cervix in one state, transported her to Maryland then and extracted her dead baby is arguing to keep his New Jersey medical license. He claims what he did is consistent with standards of "care". After that, I had to stop reading.

So little regard for human life, on so many levels.

If this stuff doesn't convince you to pray the Rosary every day and make some kind of sacrifice for the conversion of sinners, I don't know what will. As we head into October, please? Let's do whatever we can to promote the Rosary, to call sinners back into the fold and to intercede for those who seem to have fallen so far away. But we should also remember, as we read these heinous things, that there is no offense greater than God's mercy. While we mourn the dead and the injured, we should pray and make some kind of reparation for the actions of those who think so little of human life that they engaged in the crimes listed above. The dead are in God's hands, one way or another. The people responsible for their deaths still have an opportunity to see the light and make a u-turn. Yes, they must be punished for their actions, and the tragedy with the first two crimes is that the young people who committed them have not only taken innocent lives but have also ruined their own lives as well as those of their families. But with God, it's never too late. The vineyard workers who showed up at 5pm were paid the same wages as those who worked from 9am.

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