Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meditation for First Saturday of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(Image from the Zeferelli film "Jesus of Nazareth")

Oh Mary.. in Jerusalem a bitter sadness
Comes to flood your heart like a vast ocean
For three days, Jesus hides from your tenderness
At last you find Him and you are overcome with joy
You say to the Fair Child captivating the doctors
O my Son, why have You done this?
Your father and I have been searching for you in tears.

And the Child God replies (O, what a deep mystery)
To His dearest Mother holding out her arms to Him
Why were you searching for Me? I must be about
My Father's business. Didn't you know?

The Gospel tells me growing in wisdom
Jesus remains subject to Joseph and Mary
And my heart reveals to me with what tenderness
He always obeys His dear parents.
Now I understand the mystery of the Temple.
The hidden words of my lovable King.
Mother, you sweet Child wants you to be the example
Of the Soul searching for Him in the night of faith.
-the poetry of St. Therese
"Why I Love You Mary".

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