Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Choice That Ends in Death is No Choice at All

I have no politician to blame for a decision I made.  For all I know, none of the politicians who advocate for abortion rights were ever personally involved like I was.    I pray for the soul of the doctor as well as for that of the person who accompanied me to his office.  I pray that God holds me alone accountable for the decision that I alone made.

Sometimes, I wonder if things would have been different if just one person within my inner circle said, "Wait, it's not the end of the world.  Let's talk about this and how you can make it work."

That didn't happen, but again, I hold only myself responsible for this.  There would be something wrong with me if I didn't give some thought to how things might have been and what I can do to support any young woman who finds herself in the same situation.

The act that resulted in the child who is no more was coerced and but I can't say it wasn't consensual. To insist otherwise would be delusional and a gross disrespect for women who conceive children as a result of rape.  But after that encounter, I resolved to end that relationship once and for all.  And then the unthinkable happened, through no fault of the innocent growing within.

One day, as the Examination of Conscience in the GIRM reminds me, I will have to answer to God for my actions. I will also have to answer to Him for any way in which I have lead another to commit grave sin.  If God judged me the way I have judged others throughout the course of my life, I wouldn't have a prayer.  It's a good thing for me that His Mercy is unfathomable.

 I have come to love the group Feminists for Life.  I learned of them many years ago when I was still on the wrong side of the issue and one of their members politely engaged me in a debate.  I like to think that woman planted a seed that has now borne fruit.  Every day leading up the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade, FFL  has posted a different example  of a woman who said yes to life and shut out the voices in society who insist that slavery to sin is freedom of choice.   So it is not just the Catholic church and other religious institutions who fight to counter the culture of death.  Even people with no faith at all know there is something dead wrong about abortion.

On Friday, those who are able will take part in the March for Life.  Sometime later, the other side will also march. That shows you how twisted our world has become.  Otherwise-intelligent women will organize in support of a barbarian practice that is America's holocaust.  Is it this to which we have allowed ourselves to be reduced, pagans rejoicing about a pagan practice?

Hey, look at us.  We were blessed to be born female, as God made us, with the capacity to carry new life.  Now look at us.  We treat this blessing as a curse to be cut out like a malignancy.

And we wonder why the world spins out of control.  One soul at a time, we can change what the law to date has not.  Just like my friend from Feminists for Life.


  1. Beautifully said. Amen. Truth is Truth, it can be seen and acknowledged by anyone wiling to see it.

  2. Joyce, Thank goodness we don't stand on our own merits, and can rejoice that we are covered by the mercy He won for us.. Can we understand such forgiveness? I know I can't..but thank goodness it's ours.
    Thank you for sharing your journey to truth. Your testimony is a powerful witness for such a time as this.
    Blessings always and +

    1. Dear Caroline,
      A few months ago a friend gave me a booklet of the Stations of the Cross published by the Marian Fathers who run the Divine Mercy Shrine in Massachusetts. There are two sets of stations - the traditional ones and the stations devised by the Fathers to include excerpts from St. Faustina's diary. I love when Jesus says to her "Remember, you are dealing with the God of mercy." Thankfully, I am! Thanks for your kind words, as always.

  3. Joyce, I'm so glad you were open-minded enough to consider other possibilities. I've run into some dialogues on Facebook where the pro-abortion side simply won't even accept things like the fact that thousands of third trimester abortions are done each year. I know it's important to be respectful and remain calm, but it's so frustrating.

    What do you think finally changed your mind...if you are willing to share?

    Thanks for mentioning Feminists for Life. I'm going to check them out.

    And Joyce, we are all sinners, but isn't it wonderful what Jesus told St. Margaret Mary when her confessor, who didn't believe in the apparitions, told her to ask Our Lord to prove it was He appearing: Ask Jesus to tell you the last mortal sin I committed. And Jesus answered, "I don't remember."

    I too cling to the Divine Mercy, in it is all my hope...

    Keep banging out these pro-life posts. Awesome stuff!
    PS Who is Rachel Maddow?

  4. Patricia, I will share my secret with you: although I kibitz with friends, etc on Facebook, my primary motive in keeping a page there is to try to slowly win over the heathens among my family and friends. I know they won't pay attention to anything I post from the Catholic church, so I post pro-life information and revelations from Feminists for Life. I never realized how far back in history the pro-life movement extends. Many of the women who fought for our right to vote - suffragettes - also stood up for the right of the unborn to live.

    I have heard that story about St Margaret and her confessor and I love it - I would love to hear the inflection In Jesus' voice when He said: "I don't recall".

    Rachel Maddow is a very intelligent and well-educated liberal woman who was given a nightly show on MSNBC. She's also a lesbian so the likelihood she'd ever find herself pregnant via the way God intended is improbable to impossible. I can hardly stand her but I do watch on occasion just to keep track and also to have some idea of how badly our prayers are needed. Somewhere in that liberal lesbian front she puts up is a little girl who was baptized and brought up Catholic. As hardened and hateful towards faithful Catholics and Christians as she seems to be, nothing is impossible for God.

    Thank you for your kind words.
    Love you,

  5. The prodigal son--daughter in this case--is always welcomed back. God forgives the repentant, and you will be re-united with that child someday. I never had the circumstance come upon me, but in my youth I would have pushed for the same decision. There but by the grace of God go I. We have all been destroyed in one way or another by that seventies culture, by the sexual revolution of the sixties. Try to be at peace.

    1. Thank you Manny. I believe that I will be at peace so long as I continue to speak out. And you're right - there but the grace of God go I in a million different scenarios. God bless. Joyce


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