Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Must-Read From Vultus Christi

Dom Mark Daniel Kirby, Conventual Prior of Silverstream Abbey in Ireland, is the best priest blogger.  Every post is like an unforgettable sermon rich with spiritual treasure.  Here, he presents an excellent lesson on judging our brethren and the sinful delight we take in the fall of others from grace.

Last week, the priest reminded us that judging another person's soul is for God and God only.  We are permitted and in charity, sometimes obligated to judge someone's actions, but never their soul.
Sitting on he basket


  1. And thank God it's that way! No fingers pointing at least that God can be swayed by. Our hearts are His domain alone...thus we will be judged justly, and if we are sorry, mercifully.
    I love that Jesus warned us to mind our business about judging others. There is freedom in that..and if anything, we should be merciful, for we are all sinners.

    Glad you're back! Missed my favorite, feisty blog :)

  2. "Feisty blog" That brought a smile to my face, thanks Patricia. Feisty is ok, so long as it's charitable. I entrust all of you to let me know when it's not. And I'm glad to be back :)


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