Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rachel Maddow is Proof The World is Upside Down

I never have and never will condone violence.  Ever.

I cannot stomach Rachel Maddow but part of me is glad I heard her show tonight.  She spoke of the late abortionist George Tiller as though he died a martyr.  Yes, his death was violent.  I do not condone his murder, nor do I agree with tactics used by fanatics  such as sending threatening letters, harassing someone at their home, etc.

But to hear of Maddow speak of the violent death of Tiller while overlooking the violence he committed against helpless and defenseless victims is chilling.  She is elated that a presently-defunct abortion mill in Kansas is being renovated "in the very place Dr. Tiller provided (that) access".

One of the people  interviewed spoke of the "positive good spirit" of the place and how the clinic "embodies love and health and justice".

The description of what will go on in that clinic and trying to paint this abomination as something women "need" as in healthcare is chilling.

Taking an evil and a lie that has been perpetrated on women and disguising it with "positive" language does not change what will take place in that clinic.  Women will acquiesce to the lie that having your own child ripped from the womb is a compassionate response to an unwanted pregnancy.

No one can do to women what we have done to ourselves.

Rachel Maddow used to be Catholic.  She made her First Holy Communion like so many other Catholic children.  She's a wayward sheep out on the ledge - way out on the ledge.   Pray for her conversion and those like her who continue to mislead themselves and others.


  1. It's true. The most backward conversations I have ever had were with such Tiller-admirers calling evil good.
    And if you are ever lucky enough to be drawn into one of these crazy fests, the first big gun drawn will be the priest scandal.

  2. I just think the glowing terms she and others use to describe the Tillers of this world evoke the same reaction in me that satan worship would. It's so disordered it's frightening.


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