Saturday, January 26, 2013

Peace Begins in the Womb

The Nuns on the Bus appear not to have made the journey, but these ladies did.  I even see where board member Sally Montenegro posted some comments over at Father Z's place.  You can visit their website  if you'd like here.  I've had some people question me about whether this group stands for anything that contradicts Catholic teaching on birth control, etc. FFL believes birth control including natural family planning is outside the scope of their mission and take no official stand.  Thus, they take a lot of heat from the other side because they don't advocate making birth control more accessible to women.

FFL is a consistently pro-life organization.  They oppose abortion after rape, euthanasia and suicide.  I recommend going to the FAQ page.  You might be surprised at some of the feminists from American history who spoke out against abortion long before Roe v Wade.

Here are some photos from the March yesterday.

FFL VP Sally Winn hands out hand and foot warmers to a pro-life family at the March

Real Men stand up for life

FFL ran out of placards before the March began!

This pleasant young lady was lucky to get a placard before the supply ran out


  1. Great pictures. I wish I could have gone. I keep saying next year, but maybe next year will be for real.

  2. I wasn't able to go either Manny because of work and I say the same thing, too. Prayerful support of those who are able to go is just as important. BTW, I didn't take these photos, these are from FFL's Facebook page. God bless. Joyce


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