Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tactics for Life

While once again listening to the vile garbage that comes forth from the mouth of Rachel Maddow, I learned  how Mississippi  found a way to shutter its one and only abortion mill.  By requiring that doctors who perform abortions there be ob/gyns who have admitting privileges at area hospitals, the legislature has upped the ante on the infanticide industry.  Admitting privileges are not always so easy for physicians to get and the breed of physician willing to perform abortions is not typically the kind that has anything to offer a hospital in terms of prestige or legitimate patient services.

The Mississippi Health Department visited the Jackson Women's Health Organization last Wednesday unannounced and while it did not yet disclose the findings of its visit, the clinic's director admitted she was going to be unable to meet the law's requirement.

 Now, set aside for just a minute the fact that what happens in that clinic is an intrinsic evil.  Abortion is a procedure that is not without the risk of complication (beyond the obvious of what happens to the baby) for the mother.  Having to transfer clients from outpatient settings to an inpatient facility is something that does happen in legitimate and reputable  free-standing clinics and surgery centers of every ilk* that perform real surgery and is something to be avoided at all cost.  When the unforeseen does happen, the patient deserves the best care in the most expedient manner possible.  That's going to be difficult to provide when the abortionist doesn't have privileges at the nearest hospital.

I was thinking of the showdown between religious institutions and the Obama administration concerning the mandate that employers must offer birth control to its employees in the name of healthcare.  I think those institutions should take a page from Mississippi and offer a more tactical response in terms of something the government and the insurance industry can understand - dollars and cents.  No one needs birth control.  No one needs surgical sterilization or an abortion.  A legal argument could be developed that demonstrates why the Pill and abortion and vasectomies are not healthcare.   They do nothing to correct a broken system or improve quality of life.  I do not advocate abandoning the religious freedom angle, but I do think developing an additional approach that addresses practicality over morality might gain traction.

While listening to the abortion industry workers who were interviewed for Maddow's show last night, I heard one of them talk about how the protesters who stand outside her clinic know her name and how "creepy" it is that they call her by name and say hello to her every day.  Isn't that how Abby Johnson's conversion came about?  She is the author of the book Unplanned that chronicled her journey from a clinic director and abortion advocate to a pro-life convert who found refuge among the witnesses for life who stood outside her clinic every day, hoping to persuade women not to buy into the lie.

I pray that woman will be the next Abby.

(NOTE: I seem to have developed some sort of late-onset dyslexia in my old age.  Please excuse grammatical and typing errors that I seem to be making with more frequency.  When I find them, I correct them.  Thanks)

*The kind of facilities that perform cataract surgeries, minor orthopedic and ENT and pain relief services.


  1. You are a woman with a stronger constitution (pun!) than I for even being able to watch Rachel Maddow.
    There are more and more abortion "clinics" (I hate to even recognize them with that term), that have been killing and maiming women (Gosnell right here in Philly for one). I receive a newsletter and it regularly has an article about those places being investigated for health code violations, instances of women screaming inside, and ambulances called, but nobody willing to give account of what happened.
    I would venture a guess and say that the strident Rachel Maddows of the world have never even seen the inside of one of hose places. ( Yes, I understand Ms. Maddow's proclivities, but I am referring more to the elite class she belongs to that would not need to risk going to the lowly, local PP). But they will fight tooth and nail so the rest of us women can "have access to services." The correlation between this and how the bureaucrats that want us all to jump on the government's swell healthcare, while they wouldn't do that if their lives depended on it (there I go again!) is not, in my mind, a coincidence.

    It's good enough for the unwashed masses though.

    Your idea is a good one. I agree that every singe stop should be pulled out to fight this crazy slide into ________.(insert your favorite term for Hell here).

    At the prolife mass at St. John's, we listened to a wonderful priest elaborate on the video going around the net that superimposes Obama's speech on Sandy Hook (you know, the one where he talks about the value of children and how we all are responsible for their safety, etc, etc.), over images like the March for Life and other such prolife themes, and the eerie way the two match up, yet the president somehow is blind to this or worse, doesn't care.

    He also remarked at the decrease in the abortion rate over the last 20 years, and how when the opposition gets the loudest, it is a sign to us that the devil is in a rage that he is losing the battle.

    Encouraging words.

    I am sad that it looks unlikely that Bob and I will make it to the March this year. :( :( :(
    For several reasons. But I hope to find a holy hour going on somewhere for it.

    AH, sorry for the ramble. You know this topic pierces me right to the heart.

  2. Joyce, I totally agree with your perspective. I have never understood...well I guess I do actually, why the abortion crowd doesn't seem to care a bit about the condition of these "mills," as related to the health and safety of the mother. Our local facility was shut down a few years ago for terrible health code violations. The story was even covered on the local news (gasp!) They eventually got back into business, but I have heard so many horror stories about the filth in these places, to say nothing of the actual preying on the emotions of these vulnerable women which goes on. In addtion, it's estimated that at least 60 percent of abortions are coierced by boyfriends, parents, etc. Some choice! But, we never hear that side of it...nor or these women even given a forum in which to share their stories. Never seen a negative thing about abortion in a women's magazine, for example.

    Sorry to rant, but I have paint fumes in my brain :) Feeling better though...

    Thanks so much for speaking out on this topic. We really can never say enough. Abby J. was on EWTN last Saturday, addressing a prolife event, and she was AWESOME...really funny and interesting and knowledgeable, and yes, she was won over by the warmth and caring of those who knew her name. I'll shut up now :) xoxo

    1. Patricia, glad to hear you're doing better! Now if only those painters would finish, eh?

      I actually subscribe on Facebook to a group called Feminists for Life. They are staunchly pro-life and offer some of the best arguments against abortion in all instances that I've ever seen. Because they are not affiliated with any religious group, it is difficult for the pro-aborts to dismiss them as fanatics they way they do with the rest of us. I do feel the tide is turning but it won't happen on its own. I was on the wrong side of this issue once, in a way unlike most of the people who visit this blog, so I know that conversion is possible.

      Keep feeling better :)

  3. Abortion is America's Holocaust. But because it is largely unseen, people are oblivious to it or delusional about it. They honestly think they're helping women because they don't get the gist of what abortion is. That is, until they see what it is for themselves. Then there are those, like Gosnell, who are just plain evil. Education and enlightenment are the best ways to persuade people away from this horror. The first part is up to us, the second is up to God through our prayers.

    You weren't rambling, and I agree with what you said.

  4. I'm with Kelly. I don't know how you can stand watching Rachel Maddow. Every time I see or hear her name I think Rachel Mad Dog.

    I did not know Maddow was once a Catholic. I'm not sure that means anything any more. It doesn't unfortunately. Sebelius is a Catholic and so is Andrew Cuomo, our governor here in NY. In fact read at Anchoress what this supposed Catholic governor has proposed: You can see my comment below there too.

    That rivals Obama as the most pro-abortion leader yet.

    1. It's a dirty job Manny, but sometimes, someone has to do it to know what the enemy is up to. I don't normally watch television or any of the pundits because politics can poison our souls. With that said, Maddow is particularly objectionable but somewhere along the way, she was taught right from wrong. There but for the grace of God go I. That's why it matters to me that she was once Catholic.


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