Friday, January 25, 2013

Would a Priest Dedicated to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass Get Away With a Rupture Like This?

I don't know all the specifics of this issue, but at first glance, it's unsettling.  I often worry that something like this might happen in my parish when our current pastor eventually gets transferred.  Bad enough the TLM was relegated to the 1:30pm hour, although I'm sure the faithful who attended would prefer that time slot to nothing at all (Sunday Mass, in my humble opinion, should not be scheduled later than Noon unless it's an evening Mass.  And those devoted to the TLM should not have to wait until evening to attend Sunday Mass).

So, what of it?  What if a Novus Ordo-only parish got a new pastor who decided to do away with the Ordinary Form and sent his parishioners a letter like that one to which I linked?  Can you  imagine the backlash?

The letter might look something like this:

Dear Parishioners:

Two weeks ago I met with Faithful members of the Ordinary Form  Mass to request that we find an alternative parish to host this Mass. This request is based on my observation that both the  parish and the Novus Ordo Mass would be better served at another location given that liturgical appointments in the sanctuary like the original altar rail, the centered tabernacle and the patens  go to waste,  given the number of people who prefer to receive Holy Communion standing and in the hand. Understandably, relocation has caused some anguish among Faithful members of the Ordinary Form  Mass. It may take several weeks if not months to find a suitable home for this Mass, one which can accommodate liturgical dancers, unnecessary ministers of Holy Communion and Oregon Press Hymnals full of sappy hymns written by Protestants.    It is unfortunate that the Sunday coffee hour, which typically begins in the vestibule before the final blessing takes place, has provided the Latin Mass Community with limited opportunity for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in an appropriately silent and reverential manner.  Given that the Eucharist is the Source and Summit of life in the Church, it is essential that our worship reflect this truth.   Those who do not care for the Traditional Latin Mass are cordially invited to go pound sand.

You get the idea.   Such a thing would never fly.  


  1. I am hoping the TLM will grow, not recede in this area, making it accessible to more people of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
    But, having read the letter you linked, I found myself thinking, well, that's par for the course in Cali. I share your wish about not having things go in that direction here, but my gut says we will not.
    Hope my gut has a clue!

  2. I like Archbishop Chaput very much and I really pray he would not allow something like that to happen in our parish. I hope your gut has a clue too! :)


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