Thursday, May 9, 2013

Even Until The End of Time

I know that's how long He'll be with us, but I can't help but feel sad on Ascension Thursday.  It is particularly difficult for me at the Traditional Latin Mass, where the point that Christ has ascended to His Father is driven home by the extinguishing of the Paschal Candle.

I often wonder what Mary thought and pondered in her heart at this time.  Once, I attended a talk on St. Therese where the priest told us that the Blessed Mother missed Jesus so much that she didn't so much die as her soul was, in his words, ripped from her body.  After having been a witness to both His Passion and His Resurrection, was it then that Mary began her second mission for the Church, the mission of praying for souls, now and at the hour of our death?  Oh, to have Mary's faith and trust!

I don't know why, but when I was taking my walk this morning after Mass, I thought of how fortunate the cloistered orders are, to live for and with Christ alone. I was thinking that maybe it helps overcome the withdrawal that happens at the end of Christmas and Eastertide if one is walled in with God.   I should not think so much of what I may be missing because of how truly blessed I have been these past few months.  To be able to get to daily Mass and on most days, Adoration and to have had Ascension Thursday off and know that I'll be off for two of my favorite novenas as well - one to St. Rita and the other, of course, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Next week a friend is planning a reunion tea with some of the pilgrims who visited Cascia with us the year before last.  I have been appointed the official baker for the event and how good God is to His unworthy servant that she has the time to be able to do so.

I am amazed  with this time off how quickly days fill up and how there never seems to be enough time to get everything accomplished. How did I ever manage while holding a job that consumed 50 or more hours a week, excluding travel time?   The next few weeks will be especially busy not only because of upcoming devotions but also the wedding of our oldest daughter (which is another story for another day).

Until now, I should be grateful for this little slice of Heaven granted to me by the King of Hearts.  I imagine He might laugh at the comparison of my respite to Paradise and if He could, He say: You have seen nothing yet to compare to what has been prepared for you from the foundation of the world.  Until then, know that I am with you always, even until the end of time.


  1. Joyce, I often think about those monasteries too...I know it can't be an easy life, but I still can't imagine the joy of living with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, being able to visit Him so many times/day etc. Cloistered nuns are simply radiant with joy.

    We didn't even have Ascension Thursday; it's transferred to Sunday. I don't like when they do that with the holy days.

    Your reunion should be fun. I wonder what you will bake. Italian goodies? Yum!

    I often wonder when the end of the world will be. How exciting to see Jesus come in His triumphant Glory! it does seem He has been gone for so long. Come Lord Jesus. Come!

    Love and hugs....

    1. We are very fortunate here that Ascension Thursday was not transferred Do you know Patricia that even the Amish and Mennonites observe the day? They post signs in their businesses usually a week ahead of time reading: "Closed for Ascension Day" And yet we have bishops who think it's asking too much to keep the holy day to exactly 40 after Christ rose from the dead.

      As for Wednesday, I am probably going to bake Sicilian Christmas cookies (I don't know what else they're called because they are certainly not baked or eaten only at Christmas) and probably my potato chip cookies, though I will baking a slew of them again in just a few weeks for the wedding. I might tap our Caroline for a biscotti recipe ;)

      When I was a child, I prayed that God would let me see the end of the world. What a thing to ask for! And especially from a child. Now I just pray that God will find favor with me on that terrible day. I don't fear it for me since Our Lady has promised that anyone who prays and promotes her Rosary will not die an unprovided death. But I do think it will be terrible for many. And sometimes with all the craziness going on I wonder if God isn't going to say yes to my childhood prayer.

      Love ya!

  2. Joyce, Oh, my mom does have an excellent biscotti recipe..It's one of my favorite comfort cookies. Of course you're the official baker!

    How fun to have a reunion from the trip to Casia. I still smile over all the stories you shared with us from that trip and remember how you offered prayers for our children there.

    I often think about the cloistered monasteries and what it would be to be 'walled in with God'. Knowing me and my flesh, I'd come up with some other reason I thought I needed to be somewhere else. : )

    Let's hope we have a little more time before those end days come on us..but, we surely seem to be flirting with disaster.
    Prayer and love +

    1. Hi Caroline,
      I think I got the role of official baker because I happen to have the time to do it LOL, not necessarily because of my baking skills. Hopefully I will not disappoint. One of these days I will ask you for that recipe but at the moment I'm feeling so exhausted I think I will just stick with what I know. I am hosting Mother's Day at my house b/c I don't want my mother doing it and my father has always refused to go out to dinner on Mother's Day because he says the restaurants are crazy (how he knows this when he's never been to one on Mother's Day is another story). I got everything ready tonight that I could and then tomorrow the kids and I will just have to pop things in the oven, make the salad and set the table. I don't like doing servile work on Sunday to begin with and especially on Mother's Day so I have been trying to get Sunday dinner ready ahead of time to the extent that I can. I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow.


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