Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why The World Doesn't Take Us Seriously

This hit home with me.  You can read it National Catholic Register.  Kudos to Matthew Warner for putting into words what I've been saying here and elsewhere and for taking the necessary steps to make Christ the center of his life.

If we want the world to take Catholicism seriously, we must first take it seriously ourselves. That means making radical changes to the ways we live our lives. We need more people to answer the radical call to sainthood. We need saints. Not just saints of the past, but your sainthood.
When the world sees you, they don't have to see a saint, but at least let them see a sinner set on sainthood. We shouldn't need to tell people we're Catholic. They should smell it in our sweat. They should see Christ radiating authentically and naturally from every move we make. If they can't, we need to shut up and stop talking about what's wrong with everyone else and we need to start living a more compelling life.

We need an army of saints willing to live a radical life for Christ and others. Saints are compelling. Empty words and prideful lectures are not.

Each of us have been called to live a radical life. To be a saint. - Matthew Warner

"If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!" - St. Catherine of Sienna


  1. This is so good, Joyce, Thanks for posting it. People don't seem to mind taking their jobs seriously or sports or vacations etc...( all good things in and of themselves) BUT don't challenge anyone to live a radical life for Christ..That's just not an emotionally "healthy" way to live. : )
    Love and Blessings +

    1. Caroline, last week I was sitting in the Adoration chapel thinking of every task that awaited me and it was almost as if the Lord said to me: "Why don't you rush those activities so you can spend more time with Me? Why is it you want to fit Me into your schedule when - you can, if you choose to, fit your schedule around Me?" This is what I am striving toward. I also think we have to do more as Catholics to give witness to our faith. The Amish, the Mennonites, the Muslims, the Hasidic Jews are all easily recognizable. Are we? I'm not so sure about that. If we clothe ourselves with Christ, not necessarily in a material sense, than perhaps we will be. How to achieve that is my challenge.
      Love and prayers xoxo


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