Sunday, May 26, 2013

Prayer Before the Tabernacle

Lord, how will You use me today?  Will I be the one to give a drink of water to a homeless man standing in tattered rags on a street corner, forgotten by everyone but You?  Will You use me to be Your hands to help a baby sparrow make it back to the nest?  Will You use my voice to ask a lonely person how they are feeling when it would be so much easier to just keep walking?  Will You ask me to do something I would rather not do, like be in the company of a family member who is so difficult to be around?  Will I be the one who extends the kind of welcome to a wayward soul that makes them want to come to Mass again?  Will it be in me that someone sees Your love and mercy and realizes how much You long for their return?  Are You going to ask me keep silent when I am insulted or wounded by the careless words of another?  Will I be the only one to hear You blasphemed by another, and consequently, the only one who offers You reparation for that offense?  Are You going to ask me for someone or something I believe I cannot live without?  Will I be the person who makes a difference today for a stranger who hopelessly searches every face they see for something as simple as a smile?

Most importantly, Lord, will You, in Your kindness and generosity, grant me the grace to accept whatever it is You will for me in life so that my only desire is to serve You  and You alone and my only fear separation from You, Who I should love above all things?

Your Only Begotten Son, my Lord Jesus Christ, died for my sins.  In His Name, my God, have mercy!


  1. What a beautiful prayer, Joyce! You have such an awareness of the poor, the needy, the forgotten. It is a common thread in so many of your posts. Thank you for sharing this precious prayer, surely so pleasing to Our Lord. Love you...

  2. Joyce,
    Couple'a things:
    My daughter and her husband are expecting! Thanks so much everyone for your prayers! This might be a bit tricky in the end due to the fact that she had some major surgery as a child to rectify a urinary defect, but so far, so good...
    Also, have you checked out It's wonderful.
    Thank you all again,

  3. Sorry for the general response to all of you but gremlins have taken over my computer so I'm on a loaner for just a few minutes. Thank you all for your comments and especially your love. Julie, that is wonderful news and rest assured your daughter and her little one will be in my prayers!
    Love you Patricia, Kelly and Julie!


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