Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heresy of Good Personism

One of the common retorts I hear from people who choose not to practice their Catholic faith is this:

I'm a good person.  I don't hurt anyone and I go out of my way to help people.  What kind of God would punish me for not going to Church?  What kind of God  sends  people to Hell for missing Mass on Sunday?

Anytime I struggle with understanding why people don't believe in or honor God, all I need do is take a walk around the neighborhood.  People don't think they should  have to step to one side or move in any way to accommodate someone walking towards them.  They are so important, no matter who they are and where they're going, that everyone should just get out of their way.  How can people who believe themselves to be so self-important ever consider there is Someone greater than they are?

People are full of themselves, leaving no room for God.  They don't realize that whatever inherent goodness they do possess comes from Him and that the only worth their works have is from and and in Him.

I saw this today on the site The Catholic Thing.   I love the title and can think of many people on my prayer list who are guilty of the Heresy of Good Personism.


  1. I find it effective o use St. Thomas Aquinas' description of salvation s friendship with God. It's nice that you're a good person and all, by all means keep doing that, but heaven in friendship with God. God won't force you into that, and so if you do not pursue it, he'll give you what you ask for, alienation and distance.

    1. I will have to look into that Daniel, it makes sense to me. God is Who gives worth to our good works. They may be nice, but without Him, they're empty.

  2. So true. But they forget that the definition of a Good Person is not whatever any one person decides at a given moment, but by He who died for us.
    Peace! As much as you can have with a daughter about to be married, lol.


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