Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prayer Before the Tabernacle

Dear Lord,

Where all Your adorers?  Why are You here all alone?  Is there no one who could spare 5 minutes to sit with You?

You do not demand that we adopt any one posture while in Your Divine Presence.  You do not demand that we say anything in particular to You.  You are pleased just to see us.  If we would listen, we might hear You tell us how much You love us.  You do not care that we might complain ceaselessly to You about the choicest gifts You send us - crosses and small trials so that we might one day share in Your glory, a glory wholly unmerited on our part.  If You mind the trivial favors we ask of You, You do not let on..  You will never do anything to discourage us from future visits.

You are always ready to listen and to love, and yet how few times do I appear before You, ready to listen and love You back?  How many times have I set out to make You the center of my world, and left abruptly because of some meaningless pursuit that will bear no spiritual fruit?    How many times have I squandered my time before You because of anxiety or worry about some matter of no importance?  When will I learn?

Lord, I'm not at my best today.  What I have I offer You,  in reparation to Your Sacred Heart, for the consolation of the Immaculate Heart of Your Most Holy Mother, in honor of Your foster-father St. Joseph and of all Your saints.  Take all my misery, my failure, my ingratitude and join them to my poor prayers for all the intentions for which I have been asked to pray, for the conversion of sinners and the release of the poor souls in Purgatory.  

In imitation of my sister St. Therese, I say: My God, I love You.


  1. Joyce, thanks for visiting Him today. I could have stopped by for a few minutes, but I didn't. I was tired, had a headache,wanted to get home, etc. I'm so glad you said "yes," and hope I will next time.

    But today will never come again :( xoxo

    1. Well, Patricia, I wrote this because the particular chapel where I visited on this day once always had adorers present. Now, I sometimes wonder if the Lord doesn't go hours, let alone minutes, without anyone to sit with Him. I'm afraid that when some of the older people are too sick or disabled or when they pass away, that there aren't enough younger people willing to take their place. It is very sad indeed. As I have said before, I am within walking distances of several adoration chapels so I would have no excuse not to pay a daily visit, even when I don't have a whole hour to spend.


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