Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Beautiful Spiritual Bouquet

Last night, I bid farewell to my boss, who is a beautiful person inside and out. She is leaving to work at a hospital closer to home after only a year with us. Immediately upon her arrival to us last May, she and I discovered we were kindred spirits. We prayed together, talked about our respective faiths (she's Baptist) and pondered on what we thought God wanted of us. Her office was a "safe zone" where we could talk about religion in an institution where a handful of miserable people have found it offensive when anyone openly discusses their faith. Many of us were heartbroken when she announced she was leaving, but loving someone means wanting the best for them, and those of us who grew closest to her knew we had to be supportive of her decision.

Even though she isn't Catholic, I chose to give her decidedly Catholic going-away gifts. I gave her a sterling silver Rosary bracelet strung with Swarovski crystals and a copy of "Story of a Soul". Like a spouse who brings home flowers to his wife and when she is in need of a lift, The Lord sent me another bouquet last night. My boss loved the gifts I gave her. And then she told me. She's thinking of converting to Catholicism. Now, can you think of anything more likely to persuade someone than St. Therese in her own words? And as a lay Catholic, can you think of anything more joyful than the possibility of bringing a new lamb into the fold?

Deo Gratias!


  1. haha, that was my comment (Kelly)- I guess I accidentally used my daughter's Google account :)

  2. That's quite all right. Tho Rachael (love her name) is welcome to post any time she wants :-D


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