Friday, April 9, 2010

Speedbumps On The Way Of The Cross

Today, I had a brief but amusing conversation with a priest friend about the events of this past week. He urged me not to be too hard on myself and then we talked a bit about our trials here on earth. "You know" he said "if you're finding life too easy and not hitting any bumps in the road, I think that's the time to be worried. To me, that means you're getting your reward now because you're not going to get one after you die!" That certainly helped me put the events of this past week in their proper perspective.

We also talked about some family members who love to take pot-shots at me for my faith. I am not one to hang a banner in front of my family and declare how pious and devoted I am. However, I put my faith first and that sometimes means saying no to certain social activities that coincide with Mass or devotions. Whenever I say or do something that doesn't meet a certain sibling's approval, I can always anticipate a remark like "Wow, that's so Christian of you" or "did you learn that in Church?" I always feel worse for the fact that the person stoops so low rather than how they are stinging me with their remarks. Father had an interesting perspective on this as well. "This is how people who have fallen away justify their own behavior and lack of faith. Ignore it." I do pray every day that these relatives and friends will undergo conversion, and I'm reminded that Jesus never promised that following Him would be without insults and attacks. The way we respond can go a long way in helping to turn someone around.

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