Monday, April 12, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI and Receiving Holy Communion.

I must admit I never gave too much thought to receiving Holy Communion on the tongue. That is, until a series of profanations against the Sacred Host took place in our church and our pastor urged us to consider receiving Our Lord in this manner. Oddly enough, I made my First Holy Communion in 1967 when reception in the hand had not yet been made an indult. When faced with the option of once again receiving on the tongue, all I could think of is what a klutz I am and how unfortunate it would be if I caused the Host to fall on the floor, etc. That's when I made the connection between then and now. Then, in 1967, we received Holy Communion kneeling at the altar rail. This made it easier for the priest to administer the Eucharist and I believe made the possibility of dropping the Sacred Host less likely. Now it's a bit trickier with the communicant standing.

At any rate, I gave in to my pastor's urging and now receiving on the tongue is the only way I will receive. Not content with this, I have at times instigated my very patient pastor to consider allowing us to kneel. He didn't need my urging at all, since the Holy Father had already established that he would only administer Holy Communion to the faithful on the tongue while they are kneeling. In addition to having us kneel for Holy Communion on the past two Holy Thursdays, Father also agreed to celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form every Sunday, where reception in the hand is not an option (but standing is for those unable to kneel). When he administers First Holy Communion to adults or children in the Ordinary Form, he has the ushers set up a kneeler just as they do in Rome for the Holy Father. I hope the beauty of this gesture does not go unappreciated.

By setting this beautiful example for his priests, Pope Benedict has quietly encouraged greater reverence for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. No wonder the enemy is intent on dragging him down. Please continue to pray for our Pope and for all of our priests and do all you can to let the world know how much you support Benedict XVI. Won't you consider reception on the tongue as one way to show your reverence for Jesus and your respect for His priests who, for lack of a better way to phrase this, represent Our Lord at every Sacrifice of the Mass?

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