Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Rose Dropped From Heaven

As I may have shared a few weeks ago, I have been praying fervently, along with many other people, for the relative of someone I work with. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor a scant three weeks ago and underwent surgery to remove the growth, which produced a sudden onset of symptoms consistent with a glioma. The surgeon was so concerned by what he saw on the CT scan that he scheduled the patient for surgery immediately. The tumor was sent to pathology, but the surgeon gave the family the grim news that the tumor was malignant, and the only thing that would come from pathology was the type of cancer so that a course of treatment could be developed.

The man in question has a young son who is already suffering from issues of loss in his young life, so I prayed for the little boy as much as I prayed for his dad. The day before Thanksgiving, the family was overjoyed to learn that the pathology showed that the tumor was benign. The patient will require a few courses of radiation, and then he'll be on his way. I had not seen my co-worker since last week, so I was elated to hear the news, but not surprised.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... When my pastor came to dinner on Nov. 13th, I bought a beautiful bouquet of roses with green foliage and some other flowers for the vase on the Victrola. A week later, the flowers had all wilted, with the exception of one rose. I bought a Thanksgiving bouquet last week, and incorporated the rose into the new arrangement. I found it amazing that two weeks after its purchase, the rose was still pristine, without a hint of brown, and its petals were entirely intact. It also retained its scent. I think I know why. I offered my monthly novena , Joy in Suffering, to St. Therese on behalf of this young father. Whenever possible, I prayed it in front of the Blessed Sacrament. And I have offered every Eucharist for him since learning of his trials. I don't know if the surgeon is calling this a miracle, but I surely am. Never underestimate the power of prayer and the benevolence of God.


  1. St Therese is amazing intercessor. Thanks be to God for this.

    I will pray for this intention...please pray for me. I'm a postulant with the Order of the BVM of Mercy in Philly :)

  2. Joe of St. Therese
    It will be my honor to pray for you. I know I'm going to butcher the spelling of this, but is your order also known as the Mercedarians?
    God Bless you


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